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Human (Nitin Sawhney)


Disk 1: - The River - Eastern Eyes (feat. Natacha Atlas) - Say Hello - Falling Angels - Falling (feat. Aqualung) - Heer - Fragile Wind - Promise - Chetan Jeevan (Conscious Life) - Rainfall - Waiting (O Mistress Mine) - Raag - The Boatman

Human from V2 RECORDS

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Model No: VVR102185
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Release Date: 01/07/2006
Category: Music

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NITIN SAWHNEY Human (2003 UK 13-track CD album featuring collaborations with Natacha Atlas and Aqualung)

Human is the sixth album by Mercury Music prize nominee Nitin Sawhney, whose career has ranged from helping devise the comedy series Goodness Gracious Me to writing for Sinead O'Connor. In between, he has made a series of albums in which he has reconciled his experiences as a British-Asian with his internationalism, his ethnic roots with the eclectic musical environment in which he has found himself. Despite the numerous guest artists it features, from Blur collaborator Alani to Natacha Atlas, Human is Sawhney's most personal album to date.

Inspired by a reading of William Blake's "Songs of Innocence and Experience", Human is essentially autobiographical, commencing with "The River", an allusion to the Ganges and the life and death cycle, moving onto his often difficult British upbringing in which he experienced racism via Enoch Powell's speeches, physically in the playground and even from his teachers (one of whom, he learned, was a National Front member). Disillusionment dawns but then, as he's enriched by this grim wisdom, optimism springs anew.

All this is tracked musically by a mosaic of styles (Sawhney deplores the term "fusion", with its implication that certain things don't "naturally" belong together), ranging from flamenco to electronica. Although never abrasive, Human is a ruminative album which doesn't leap out at you--you must come to it. Nonetheless, highlights include "Rainfall" (reminders of Stevie Wonder) and "Heer", an ancient raga whose delivery here is couched in movingly desolate tones. --David Stubbs


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