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Yukon MPR Mobile Player & Recorder Night Vision Portable 2.5" TFT Media Device

from Yukon Optics

Yukon MPR Mobile Player & Recorder Night Vision Portable 2.5 TFT Media Device from Yukon Optics

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Category: CE

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The Yukon MPR (Mobile Player/Recorder) is an ultra-compact and lightweight digital recording device designed that is designed to work with any Yukon, Newton and Pulsar products that have a video out facility. With its built-in bright and crisp sharp 2.5" hi-res LCD screen, the MPR is able to record and playback video in AVI format at one of four optional resolutions via the 180Mb of built-in memory or via an SD / SDHC memory card (up to 32Gb). Cycle recording automatically overwrites older files when the memory is full. A motion detection function automatically activates recording when an object appears in the field of view of an attached digital unit. The unit also features the capability to pre-select recording time (up to 30 minutes), has automatic shutdown, automatic display power down and a mini USB 2.0 port. The MPR also comes supplied with a various cables that allows playback via a standard TV or LCD monitor with RCA connectors. Additional details: - AV output: NTSC / PAL - Frame rate: 30 fps, 35 fps, 15 fps - Auto power off: 5, 10 mins / Never - USB interface: USB 2.0 - Internal Memory: 180 Mb - DC input: DC 5V 200mAh - Comes with Digisight N550/N770 cable, AV in & out cable, AC Charger, USB cable, 1GB SD memory card, rechargeable battery, audio cable & waist clip adapter - Manufacturer's number: 27041


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