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The Cure for an Untidy Bedroom

from The Master Herbalist

The Cure for an Untidy Bedroom from The Master Herbalist

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Model No: unknown
Availability: dispatched within 24 hours
Minimum Age: 12 months
Category: Kitchen

Sound Store Price: £5.85

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"Dr Harvey Quant's patented cure for an UNTIDY BEDROOM."

To provide the attitude and incentive to render all clothing and clutter to be neatly put away."

This is an IDEAL STOCKING FILLER, FUN GIFT or small something to poke fun at any grumpy teenager with an untidy bedroom and hopefully 'cure' them!

Contains: 4 x muslin bags containing a blend of beneficial herbs including Lavender.

Contents of the Scented herb balls are: Thyme, Hops, Mint, Rose, Southernwood, Sage, Rosemary & Coltsfoot. Also see related products for: Snatched Golf Swing, Cure for Snoring, Overworked Mother, Untidy Bedroom, Cure for Randiness, Cure for Hangover, Cure for Grumpiness, Cure for being One Year Older, Cure for feeling of being Over 40, Cure for feeling of being Over 50, Cure for feeling of being Over 60, Cure for the Uncontrolled Snackaholic, Cure for the Birthday Blues, Cure for a Harassed Cook, Cure for Uncontrolled Spending, Cure for Uncontrolled Whinging & Moaning, Cure for Mobile Phone Dependency, Cure for Stress, Cure for the Stress of Flight Delays, Cure for Telephone Abuse, 21st Birthday Celebration, Cure for Lottery Addiction, Cure for the Fear of Paying Bills, Cure for the Fear of Spiders, Male Aphrodisiac and Passion Potion, For the Moody Petulant Teenager, The Weary Gardener, Anti-Ageing Elixir, Flab Fighter, TV Remote Abuse & Channel Hopping, Cure for the Text Addict, Cure for an Angry Driver, Cure for the Hatred of Call Centres, Cure for Farting in Bed, Cure for Travel Stress, PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE NOVELTY GIFTS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH


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