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Tascam MD350 Mini Disc Player / Recorder

from Tascam

Tascam MD350 Mini Disc Player / Recorder from Tascam

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Model No: MD350
Category: CE

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  • 20-bit A/D and D/A converters and ATRAC 4.5 compression system for superior sound quality
  • Analogue (XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced) and digital (SPDIF, optical) input/output
  • Optical digital input (TOSLINK) on the front panel
  • Samplerate converter allows 48kHz and 32kHz digital signals to be transferred to 44.1kHz MiniDisc,
  • Sampling monitor function
  • Comprehensive on-disc editing functions: divide, erase, move, combine, undo, title, title copy and overwrite
  • Title memory: 100 characters per song, 1,700 characters per disc
  • Keyboard connector (PS/2) for easy titling on the front panel
  • Four recording/playback modes:SP (Stereo), MONO (Mono), LP2 (double recording/playback time), LP4 (four times recording/playback time)
  • Auto-track function assigns track numbers automatically during recording
  • Sync-record, Auto-space, Auto-ready and Auto-cue functions
  • Auto Cue positions the machine to the first audio in a MD track, rather than the actual ID location
  • Auto Ready pauses the machine at each track ID

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