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HERZO Dust Extraction Cutting Guard for 115/125mm Angle Grinder

from HERZO

HERZO Dust Extraction Cutting Guard for 115/125mm Angle Grinder from HERZO

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Model No: GT119125B
Availability: dispatched within 24 hours
Category: Home Improvement

Sound Store Price: £26.89

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Allows Collection of harmful dust during cutting Application attachs directly to 115,125mm all majors brand grinders With 4 pcs clamping washer thickness 1.5-5.5mm Locking attachment to vac hose. Box Contains:
1x Dust Shroud
4 pcs clamping washer
1x Universal Diamond Cutting Disc
1x shroud wrench.
Cannot fitting model No.: Bosch GWS13-125CI;GWS13-125CIE;GWS13-125CIX;GWS13-125CIEX;GWS 17-125 INOX;GWS 17-125CI;GWS 17-125CIE;GWS 17-125CIT;GWS17-125 CIT ;GWS 17-125CIX ;GWS 17-125 CIEX;GWS 17-150CI


HERZO Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud for 115mm/125mm Angle Grinder
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